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Okay… now I’m a real twit

April 28, 2008 admin 1

I’ve just started using twitter (@cfeagans), and it seems interesting so far. Playing around with the new version of Ubuntu (Hardy Heron) and re-installing some […]

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Current Events in Blogging

February 14, 2008 admin 1

First, welcome back to the fray, Chris! Northstate Science has been somewhat silent the past few weeks but Christopher O’Brien is back and he made […]

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Open Lab 2007!

January 3, 2008 admin 0

Corturnix has announced the winning entries in this year’s Open Laboratory here. I had a couple entries submitted but didn’t make the cut, but if […]

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My New Favorite Mug

December 26, 2007 admin 2

The coffee mug in the banner along the top of this blog was once my favorite mug. I retired it a few years ago, but […]

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Four Stone Hearth #30

December 20, 2007 admin 0

Please take the time to visit the 30th edition of the Four Stone Hearth, a bi-weekly blog carnival on anthropology. You can find this latest […]

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Word Press Move Update

December 11, 2007 admin 2

Thanks to Alun Salt, who graciously pointed out that WP has an import posts feature that allows me to import posts and comments from blogger, […]

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Moving to WordPress

December 10, 2007 admin 5

I‘m making the move to WordPress. Sorry, Blogger, but I can’t risk the chance that you might delete this blog too. Hot Cup of Joe […]

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The Move to WordPress

December 9, 2007 admin 1

I’m going to gradually make the move to WordPress. I had an issue with Blogspot/Blogger recently that has gone unresolved and no longer feel this […]