The Move to WordPress

I’m going to gradually make the move to WordPress.

I had an issue with Blogspot/Blogger recently that has gone unresolved and no longer feel this to be the best platform for me to carry on with a address. In case you’re wondering, the issue has nothing to do with this blog, but, rather, another blog that I have, which is anonymous. Blogger’s internal software mis-identified it as a spam blog and I’ve been trying to get it restored for over a week now. No luck

So, my plan is this. For a while, I’ll post both at WordPress and Blogger. I’ll migrate a few of my Blogger posts here over the next week or so and when I create a new post, I’ll post both at WordPress and Blogger.

I’ve found a few features with WordPress that I like, such as the easy method of creating posts. If I copy/paste a word document with links, WordPress handles it very well -much better than Blogger. I can also create “pages” that are very flexible in content and presentation. They could be used for a bibliography, list of links, discussion of an entire issue, collection of posts in a single category, etc.

And, speaking of categories, I like how WordPress handles categories and tags and makes searching via these simple. You can even surf WP blogs via categories or tags. Adding blogs to the blogroll is simple as well.

That’s it in a nutshell. I’m making the switch. It’ll take some time, but in the end, perhaps I’ll be more motivated to post and be more active with the tools and features WordPress provides.

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