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I’m a professional archaeologist that maintains a blog focused on educating the public about archaeology and helping to dispel myths of fake, fraudulent, and fantastic archaeology. 

I used to run adsense ads in hopes of earning enough to pay for the hosting and domain fees along with a little extra for things like professional or “pro” versions of software and plugins I use.

Several of my readers over the last few months mentioned that the ads were a distraction and they’d much rather I accepted small donations instead. 

Overall, the Google ads made me about $100 every year. My fees for domains and hosting are about double that. Ideally, then, I’d like to make about $200 each year to fund The Archaeology Review here on

Here’s My Pledge

  • If I reach
  • $0.00 – $200              I’ll continue to write this blog as I do already. Maybe more; maybe less. But each donation is a motivator!
  • $200 – $250               I’ll start buying Facebook ads to promote content that comes from here. 
  • $250 – $300               I’ll start buying a few “pro” versions of plugins like Wordfence or Yoast
  • $300+                         At this point, I’ll put funds into everything from equipment and travel

I’m serious about writing in this field and currently working on a couple of books. One is specifically about “fake, fraudulent, and fantastic archaeology.” I’m also always trying to visit places with archaeological significance and I’ve taken the time to photograph places (and their collections) like Etowah and Ocmulgee in Georgia and Parkin in Arkansas along with many others. I’d like very much to visit and record places in the world that are popular in pseudoarchaeology as well. To do so, will require some new equipment.

If you read all this and came away thinking, “heck, he’s going to do all this anyway,” you’re right. If you enjoy what I do on The Archaeology Review at, don’t worry. I’ll keep doing it even if I get no donations.

But I promise, donations will be a serious motivator for me. Also, anyone who donates at least $5 a year and ensures that I have their email will receive a regular newsletter that I’ll be starting. At first, it’ll be quarterly. If it goes well, perhaps it’ll be more regular. I’ll also gladly accept input from any donor on articles they’d like to see. Just add your email address as a comment form when you donate.