Top 20 Archaeology Blogs by Google Rank

I was curious about how Google ranked the top 20 blogs about archaeology, so I did some searches. Here’s the results of the most basic, but also the most straightforward.


I searched for “archaeology blog” (without the quotes) and got 27,900,00 results in just 0.88 seconds. I compiled the list minus the entries that were lists of blogs or sites about blogs, narrowing it down to actual blogs about archaeology in the order that Google presented them. If it was an archaeology blog that was blogging about archaeology blogs, I left it in the list and in the order found unless they were inactive during 2017-in which case I skipped it to an active blog. I figured if I were searching for some archaeology blogs to follow, this would be the way I’d do it.

The List from pages 1-5 in Google

  1. Doug’s ArchaeologyDoug Rocks-Macqueen – “…focus mainly on the Profession of Archaeology e.g. pay, working conditions, career prospects, etc. …”
  2. Archaeology News NetworkIoannis Georgopoulos – “…a non-profit, online open access, pro-community news website bringing together people in related fields with active interests intersecting archaeology.”
  3. Publishing ArchaeologyMichael E. Smith – “This blog contains information and opinions (mostly mine) on professional publishing issues in archaeology…”
  4. Prehistoric ArchaeologyDavid Beard – “…freelance archaeologist and Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland specializing in the medieval period.”
  5. Viking ArchaeologyDavid Beard – “…freelance archaeologist and Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland specializing in the medieval period.”
  6. Day of Archaeology Blogmultiple authors – “Find out what archaeologists really do.”
  7. Society for Historical Archaeology Blog – multiple authors – Blog for “the largest scholarly group concerned with the archaeology of the modern world (A.D. 1400-present).”
  8. Irish ArchaeologyColm – “Sharing Ireland’s amazing archaeology as well as interesting sites from around the world.”
  9. Wessex Archaeology NewsKaren Nichols (and others) – “Our blogs feature our latest news and discoveries, as well as discussions about the diverse range of work that we undertake both in the field and “behind the scenes” at our offices and laboratories.”
  10. MOLA (Museum of London Archaeology) Blogmultiple authors – “Our blog posts are created by archaeologists and specialists from across the organisation and cover a range of fascinating adn informative topics.”
  11. Heritage Dailymultiple authors – “…an independent online science publication by Heritage Gateway that is dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge on past sciences such as archaeology, paleontology, and paleoanthropology.”
  12. Rogers Archaeology LabKendra Young – Lots of photos and narratives about artifacts and research through the National Museum of Natural History.
  13. Archaeological FantasiesArchyFantasies – blog for the podcast of the same name co-hosted by Kenneth Feder and Jeb Card.
  14. MSU (Michigan State Uni) Campus Archaeology ProgramMari Isa (and others) – Blog for the MSU archaeology progam.
  15. Archaeology DudeMarc Henshaw – Blog for a “rust Belt Industrial Archaeologist” that excavates “in urban settings in the search to understand the people and the places they worked.”
  16. ASOR Blogmultiple authors – Blog for American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR) at Boston University focused on history and archaeology of the eastern Mediterranean.
  17. Roman Archaeology BlogDavid Beard – “News reports featuring Roman period archaeology.”
  18. Republic of ArchaeologyJoanne Hammond – “I believe we can craft socially responsible and morally defensible approaches to research and management that can produce outstanding human stories. “
  19. Project Archaeologymultiple authors – “…an educational organization dedicated to teaching scientific and historical inquiry, cultural understanding, and the importance of protecting our nation’s rich cultural resources.”
  20. Christchurch Uncoveredmultiple authors – “Exploring Christchurch’s past through archaeology” (New Zealand; lots of photos and narratives about artifacts and features).


I omitted those that were inactive, barely active, or advertisements. I also omitted several results that were not archaeologically related but just had the keyword “archaeology” associated with them.

This list only shows the Google Ranking of “archaeology blog” as two dependent keywords.

My own blog and several blogs I expected to see weren’t there, which I found interesting.

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