When on Google Earth #64 (WOGE 64)

Welcome to When on Google Earth here at A Hot Cup of Joe for the first time! I sneaked in from nowhere and snatched a victory after staring at WOGE 63 as Vix France, major period of occupation around the Hallstat period (5th-6th c. BCE). I was a little surprised that the usual participants hadn’t got it yet. I figured they must have been enjoying the summer and not paying attention and so I gave it a go… It was the 3rd clue that cinched it for me: a frieze of a hoplite on a quadriga chariot that had four spokes. I knew it could be as early as the 6th century BCE. Once I realized it was the Vix Krater, it was just a matter of typing Vix, France into Google Earth!

I labored over a couple of sites to use for WOGE 64, but ultimately settled on this one:

WOGE 64 (right-click & view image will give you a much larger view)

My two fears are 1) it’ll be too easy and 2) it’ll be too difficult.

Good Luck!

The Rules of When on Google Earth are as follows:
Q: What is When on Google Earth?
A: It’s a game for archaeologists, or anybody else willing to have a go!

Q: How do you play it?
A: Simple, you try to identify the site in the picture.

Q: Who wins?
A: The first person to correctly identify the site, including its major period of occupation, wins the game!

Q: What does the winner get?
A: The winner gets bragging rights and the chance to host the next When on Google Earth on his/her own blog!

WOGE on facebook:
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  1. You got it! One of the other sites I thought of posting I decided against only because I thought “hmmm… Alun would get this one right away.” And then you go and solve this one! Well done!

    Over to you now!

    Oh, I’m going to post a little more info about the Great Circle and it’s companion in Newark, The Octagon, hopefully before the next Four Stone Hearth.

  2. Matt, you’re right I typed in BC rather than AD. I was thinking through to AD 500, but the stuff I’m working on elsewhere is 1st half of the 1st millennium BC. Bad muscle memory.

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