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I’ve been working on the blog behind the scenes the last few days where I can get an hour or so from work and sleep. The theme looks pretty plain-jane right now, but its the new “Twenty Ten” theme, which is supposed to “take full advantage of WP 3.0.” The jury’s still out on that one.

It all started innocently enough. I thought I might simply do an auto-update. But that wouldn’t work. So I thought, hey… why don’t I just ftp the new files over after a backup?

That’s when I found out that I would need MySQL 5+ for a database rather than the much earlier version I had.

Okay… then I figured I’d simply update the database after a backup. Right? Right.

Turns out my webhost has a limit of just under 3 MB for an SQL database import. Mine was over 80 MB.

But, after doing some copy/paste jobs from the old database tables to the new database via queries, I have it mostly up to date. I’m not sure I’ll go back to the previous theme or just tweak this one, I haven’t figured out what the enhancements truly are yet. But I need to repair some image links and some miscellaneous formatting here and there. I can’t seem to get my Amazon widget working. And the silly characters that litter old posts when the database was updated will probably just have to stay. It seems special characters, inverted commas and apostrophes don’t import very well.

Ah well….. bear with me. 🙂

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  1. I think WP3.0 is a step forward, but it’s not something that you’ll see as a blogger straight away. For example Justin Tadlock now has a forum using custom content types. That’s not something the average user will cook up.

    It’s also a matter of having a theme that can take advantage of these things. Twenty Ten is ok, especially if you’re not going to tweak the templates, but I think there’ll be some striking themes released over the next few months once people start exploring how the new features can interact.

    That shouldn’t make much difference to you though. Your readers are all here because of the words.

    • Thanks for the kind word about my words!

      I think I’ve finally got the upgrade licked! I’ve updated the database and fixed some PHP code here and there and it seems to be running smooth as silk now. Next up is going to be whipping up a decent banner. Something simple and straight forward but distinct… probably with a coffee cup 🙂

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