Time to get busy!

My next graduate semester just started and I’ll probably post some articles related to this semester’s coursework, specifically bioanthropology. I’m looking forward to this class -the syllabus describes hands-on skeletal analysis.

New and upcoming with A Hot Cup of Joe

This blog has been added to Alltop’s Top Anthropology News page. Hopefully this will drive more traffic here. They seem to be legit and, to be quite honest, I’ll probably spend some time there perusing the various links from various anthropology blogs. They appear to list a couple dozen Anthro blogs and their most recent 5 post titles. Clicking the post title takes you to the original post on the blog.

I’ve started using Zemanta and a couple other plugins in WordPress that offer some footnote/endnote functionality. Zemanta lets me import links, tags and relevant photos automatically as well as inlcude a reblog link at the bottom.

I plan to update the pages and subpages of A Hot Cup of Joe. You might have noticed an “Evolution” page and I’d like to enhance its subpages as they specifically relate to human evolution and anthropology over the next few months. I’m also considering adding a library page with a listing of book titles and links to reviews and amazon. I run across a lot of good anthropology / archaeology related books that others might find interesting.

I’m also working out a couple of pseudoarchaeology posts with articles skeptical of various pseudoarchaeological claims. The first of these should be up by the week end (oops… did I just set myself a deadline?).

Thanks for reading! Leave me your comments and suggestions -I’d love to have them.

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  1. Since you’ll probably be dabbing in the subject, I’m dying to hear more about ‘the science’ of cultural anthropology. So if any great criticisms come up from the bio and archaeology sides, please share. (i thrive on discussions of pseudo-science!)

  2. Thanks for the comment! I’ll be posting some bioarchaeology stuff soon! There just don’t seem to be any good pseudo-archaeological topics out there lately -Osmanagic and his Bosnian Pyramid nonsense seem quiet and Michael Cremo hasn’t anything new that I’ve seen. I occasionally browse the current copy of Atlantis Rising to check his column, but he seems to be talking about the same old stuff.

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