Two Great Carnivals!

The second edition of Four Stone Hearth is up at afarensis, which includes posts from PZ Myers (Pharyngula), Chris O’Brien (Northstate Science), and Duane at Abnormal Interests. Great stuff so far, but I’ve only had time to read a couple posts. I look forward to reading the rest tonight after work!

As a reminder, Four Stone Hearth is the new anthropology blog carnival, so if you’re a blogger with an interest in topics of anthropology (archaeology, ethnography/cultural, linguistics, or physical/medical/biological), give it a look and submit a post. Some of the articles above are by bloggers who are not anthropologists, but have information useful to the field of anthropology.

The 47th Skeptics’ Circle is also up at Polite Company, which I had a sneak-peek at! (Sorry… was checking my hits the day prior) I won’t give it away, but this one might even give Karl’s podcast version a run for its money in creativity. I’m impressed! Good work! Click this link for the Hero Edition!

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