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Stolen and Looted: an interesting article

June 30, 2008 Carl Feagans 2

These damages aren’t done by people walking along and spotting arrowheads. These are people who are actively digging and looking for artifacts with an intent to remove cultural resources from lands shared by us all. These people are thieves…

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The Serpent Mound

June 23, 2008 Carl Feagans 15

We really don’t know for sure what most ancient, pre-literate cultures used many of their monumental constructions for. We’re reasonably sure about things like the […]

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Archaeologica Americana

February 5, 2008 admin 0

North American history and archaeology isn’t as glamorous and monumental as Egyptian, Greek, Roman, or even European with its henges, barrows, and castles. We’re a […]

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Aswan Tombs Video

February 3, 2008 Carl Feagans 0

Here’s an interesting video that I stumbled across in YouTube today. This YouTuber just posted it 1 day ago and its his first video. For […]