My Very Own Roman Sword

Roman Sword!
Design Toscano Roman style sword.

If you read my previous post, then you know about the “Roman” sword allegedly found decades ago by a fisherman and his son near Oak Island, Nova Scotia -where the History Channel has been filming its reality TV show.

J. Hutton Pulitzer has previously stated that it is “100 % genuine” and, after obtaining my very own sword I have to say… his upcoming “white paper” will be very interesting to say the least. Full disclosure: my sword had a small “made in China” sticker on it that easily fell off, so perhaps it wouldn’t stay on the one the fisherman recovered 🙂

It’s heavy and quite decorative.

But it isn’t ancient. Nor Roman. It is, however, a piece of history -a reminder, if you will, of Swordgate.

If you’re wondering where I got my own, it was from Amazon, ordered with my Prime membership.

I was tempted to put a comparison of mine above alongside the Oak Island version below, but Andy White just linked to an image earlier today that has several versions side-by-side. Check his out. Or scroll up and down…

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  1. This is one of the comments on Amazon:
    “This is an amazing sword! What a return on my investment! I buried it in my backyard for a couple years then parlayed it into a hit “reality” TV show on the History Channel!”

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