5 Minute Archaeology Update: Swiss Watch Travels Time?

Probably not. Most probably not.

Archaeologists in China are alleged to have discovered a tiny Swiss watch in a 400-year old tomb and, according to at least on online news outlet, they are baffled.

Possible explanations for such a thing would be 1) the tomb was entered since the construction of the watch; 2) its a hoax; 3) the watch was carried there by a rodent; 4) Hiro Nakamura dropped it.

I can only guess which option the significance-junkies and mystery-mongers that go on and on about “[slider title="out of place artifacts"]for more information about so-called "out of place artifacts," search the "pseudoarchaeology" keyword in the labels drop down.[/slider] will say!

Link: Swiss Watch Found in 400-year-old tomb

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