The New Domain!

I’ve made a move to and I’m now using my own domain with as the host. Thanks to Kambiz’s recommendation. I hope the link he gave me had his promo code in it -if so, he should get a small commission since the cookie should have still been on my computer. If you don’t get it, sorry. I completely forgot about it until after the fact or I would have looked for the original link in our chat :-}

I’ve still got a bit of work to do and I’m not entirely sure this is the theme I want to use (I’m willing to take suggestions if anyone has them), but there should be some regular posts on the way. I’m thinking about posting here and using short descriptions on the domain with links to here for a while, so if you get the chance, be sure to update your links since I’ll eventually discontinue posting at the WP site.

Oh, and if anyone can educate me on how to add a favicon I can use the help. I put “favicon.ico” in both the root directory and the wp-content directory where the index.php file sits, but no icon in the address bar or my bookmark.. very frustrating.

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