New Anthro/Archaeo Blogs Added to the Blogroll

Looking through my SiteMeter stats and the blogrolls of other folks, and through the submissions to past/present Four Stone Hearth issues, I’ve stumbled across a couple new Anthropology/Archaeology weblogs. Click below the fold to see who!

Fort’o Books – written by Robin, a 2nd semester senior at George Washington University, expecting to graduate in May (that makes two of us!). Her blog description is “because archaeology makes me happy and crazy all at once.”

She has a couple of posts on the “Jesus Tomb” and some funny/light stuff. Go see. Add her to your blogroll!

Old Dirt – New Thoughts – Brian is a college professor at Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota. I think I found his site through the links from others as I was following the Walker Hill debate (the alleged 13,000 year old, pre-clovis stone tools). But Brian also has a very interesting and informative post, The Early Days of Radiocarbon Dating: an Insider’s View.

Wanna Be an Anthropologist – Paul is an undergraduate anthropology major at Arizona State University. I found his blog through his 4SH submission (isn’t it great how this carnival is bringing anthros together? Kudos, Kambiz!). Paul has some very interesting reading here, one of which is his 4SH submission. But he has a page dedicated to his original writing that’s well laid out and has some interesting topics. I’ve yet to delve into them, but the weekend is young. One of these is titled The Tewa Origin Myth and cites Alfonso Ortiz (as if anyone could write about the Tewa and not). I remember trying to force myself to read that ethnography and completely not liking the process. 🙂

I think I’ll do this for now on -write short reviews of the sites I add to my blogroll. I’ll add the label “blogroll” so they can be found easily in the future.

Nice meeting you folks (Robin, Brian, and Paul)!

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