Anthropology Blog Carnival!

The first ever issue of The Four Stone Hearth hosted by Kambiz at

The Four Stone Hearth is a new Anthropology Blog Carnival that is named for the four disciplines of anthropology: archaeology, ethnography, physical/biological anthropology, and linguistics. This issue has articles by Afarensis, Salto sobrius,, and myself among others. My entry is the book review below this post. I won’t duplicate 4SH here by listing all the articles, you’ll have to click the link above and read Kambiz’s descriptions of each entry.

Four an anthropologist blogger, this is exciting news. Until now, the only carnival I could think of that would be relevant for archaeology was the History Carnival. It goes without saying that Alun’s Vidi will continue to be one of the best net round-ups for archaeology, but Four Stone Hearth is a true anthro carni. Kudos Kambiz!

The next 4SH will be at Afarensis on November 8, 2006. Fire up your keyboards, anthro bloggers, and get something ready! I’ll be hosting here in February.

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