Carnivals and *Not* a Carnival!

The 43rd Skeptic’s Circle is up at Adventures In Ethics and Science and Dr. Free-Ride is one sad puppy.

And don’t miss the Carnival of the Godless #49 at Grounded in Reality where Bruce offers up a dozen or so godless links without any ado. Martin at Salto Sobrius gets #50 on October 1, so mark your calendars.

And be sure to check the Carnival of the Green at Karavans on September 18 (hey, that’s today!).
And for a non-carnival that rivals most carnivals for creativity, content and variety within a single genre, visit Alun at Archaeoastronomy were he has posted his second edition of Vidi: an irregular roundup of the past on the web. I’ve been thinking that the blogosphere needs an archaeology carnival for a while, but if Alun makes Vidi a regular (or even ‘irregular’) thing, one would be redundant. If it’s writing about the past that’s informative and well-written, Alun will probably find it and consolidate it with links to other well-written pieces on blogs or elsewhere. I’ve only seen Coturnix motivated and well-read enough to a similar compilation with his “Link Love ” series (which we all miss, Bora!). If you’re interested in the past and science, particularly archaeology, link to Archaeoastronomy and visit him daily!

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