ScienceBlogs School Supply Fundraiser

The bloggers over at ScienceBlogs, the Seed Magazine blog portal, are participating in a fundraiser to generate money for science education. The reason is simple and Janet at Adventures in Ethics and Science puts it best:

A lot of us fell in love with science because of early experiences in school teachers who made science intriguing, exciting, maybe a little bit dangerous. But tightening budgets are making it harder and harder for public school teachers to provide the books, equipment, and field trips to make science come alive for kids.

Click on the link below to fund proposals like: “Anthropology and Education – First grade;” “Sixth Grade Fossil Dig!;” and “Books to Gain Students’ Interests.”

Click here to donate as little as $10… your donation will make a big difference and there’s contest with prizes! Click here to see the contest details or pick an alternate blogger at ScienceBlogs. My choice is Afarensis, since he’s their resident anthropologist!


  1. Thanks for the mention. One correction though, those are actually Janet’s (at Adventures in Ethics and Science) . She put the whole project together and provided some recommendations on what to say, etc. Some of us used her template, others personalized …

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