How you can support Archaeology Review and A Hot Cup of Joe.

As of December 2018, I’ll be removing all the Adsense Advertising from Archaeology Review and the ahotcupofjoe domain.

A friend recently pointed out that many people are using ad-blockers and the ones that aren’t are probably annoyed. He suggested that I use a donation button instead, and it seems like sound advice.

What your support will provide

If you chose to donate, whatever funds received will first be used toward:

  • annual / periodic hosting fees, domain fees, and the purchase of “pro” versions of plugins first and foremost.
  • books, media, or products to review
  • Facebook boosts and promotions for the Archaeology Review Facebook page

If, for some reason I get a significant amount in donations, then I’ll put the rest toward expenses related to travel, recording, etc of archaeological and pseudoarchaeological places, sites, museums, and people which I’ll cover here at Archaeology Review.

These are things I plan to do over the next few years anyway, and I’ll still continue with this site even if I get zero donations.


Archaeology Review and and the domain A Hot Cup of Joe are not charities and are not associated with charities. That said, I’m not really trying to make a profit. I enjoy the process of writing, learning, and discovery and I want to share with others while exposing the myths and realities of fake, fraudulent, and fantastic archaeological claims. So I’m not claiming any financial support I receive to be a “charitable donation.”

How to Support Archaeology Review

If you would like to show your support for what I do:

  • Click one of the Donate or Support buttons and make a small financial contribution through PayPal or with your major credit card. [paypal-donation]
  • If you are interested in starting your own website and need a domain and/or host, please consider clicking the web-host link for 1 And 1 in the corner of this page or this link:  
  • If you plan any purchases on Amazon, consider starting with this Holiday Gift Guide. You’ll get your normal discounts and Prime deals, and Archaeology Review will get a small credit.
  • And, if you’re just overly wealthy and want to send a skeptical archaeologist on a personalized expedition to debunk something that just irked you on the History Channel email me at