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Call for Submissions

July 27, 2009 Carl Feagans 0

Tomorrow is the day for the Four Stone Hearth: My birthday edition! That’s right, I pass another annual milestone and will celebrate by sharing some […]

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The Best of Anthro? Me?

January 12, 2009 Carl Feagans 1

Image via Wikipedia If you’ve never visited Neuroanthropology, you’re missing a great anthro-blog! The WordPress theme they use is pleasant to the eye and the […]

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The Serpent Mound

June 23, 2008 Carl Feagans 15

We really don’t know for sure what most ancient, pre-literate cultures used many of their monumental constructions for. We’re reasonably sure about things like the […]

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Man’s Best Friend

December 21, 2007 Carl Feagans 5

One of my most popular blog entries is actually an article I wrote on called Man’s Best Friends: Part I – The Dog. I […]