Your Very Own Roman Sword a la “The Curse of Oak Island”

Nova Scotia Hercules sword, courtesy of The History Channel.

I was browsing on Amazon today and, as Amazon likes to do, I was shown items I’ve looked at in the past. In this case it was the Design Toscano’s “Gladiator Sword of Pompeii,” which I actually ordered and have hanging on my wall.

A few years ago, Jovan Hutton Pulitzer was screaming his head off about how the sword featured on The Curse of Oak Island was a genuine Roman sword, made during the Roman period. And, as pseudoarchaeologists are prone to do, he claimed that it was therefore proof that the Romans visited Nova Scotia many, many years before Columbus.

Anyway, Amazon shows they have “five left” and I figured it might be a good time to link to that page. Buy your very own piece of pseudoarchaeological history!

Sure, this one is a decorative fake, but so is the one on the Oak Island television show! Your very own Roman sword will be every bit as genuine as the one JHP wants everyone to believe in!

Plus, and this is something of a disclosure, I’ve added an affiliate link, so if you buy it (or anything from Amazon in the next 24hrs), I’ll get a small amount, which I would probably put it towards a book purchase to read and review here.

Oh, and if you do click the link above, you can read my “verified purchase” review at the top of the reviews (15 people so far have found it helpful)!

Clicking my other ads also helps me out. I pay more out of pocket for the site than the site generates back at me, so I’m not getting rich. But a every little bit helps and I feel motivated every year or so when the Google Adsense pays me out a hundred bucks.

Read all about J. Hutton Pulitzer’s misunderstanding of metallurgy, archaeology, and scientific method here:

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