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I’ll still be blogging here, but I’ve also just launched a new site called SciCulture ( and it’s my hope to entice a few new bloggers to make it their home. So if you know anyone that might be interested, have them contact me at cfeagans AT sciculture DOT com.

I’m still working out some of the kinks, but SciCulture will be more or less a hub for science news and discussion. I’m working on some news feeds, but there’s an active discussion forum (The Science Forum) linked as well as an example of the blogs format (WordPress).

Potential bloggers would have their own subdomain that can be linked to directly (eg. and control of their content, style, and ads if they so choose. The only requirement is a sidebar section that links to other SciCulture blogs and the main site.

SciCulture is in the development stage, but I hope to see it grow! Please offer me any suggestions or constructive criticism you might have.

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  1. “… there’s an active discussion forum …”

    active ? yes, up to a point – wish it was more active though
    how can we convince more people to contribute ? how about the satisfaction that you then belong to the top 5% of clever cloggs ?

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