Two new archaeologists added to the blog roll!

I just wanted to share two blogs I found via a recent Google search:

The Dig Girl


Bioarchaeologists: We Dig Bones!

They both seem to be blogs of the more personal experience type, which is great. I love reading the personal experiences of other archaeologists.

Here’s hoping they’ll both join us in the next Four Stone Hearth! I’ve been very bad about not participating and will definitely submit a post for the next fortnight’s edition. I’ll be posting on the topic of Cognitive Archaeology prior to the weekend, giving an overview of the subject as well as a few resources for those interested.

The next installment of this wonderful blog carnival is being hosted at Sorting Out Science on May 12th. So get writing and visit Sam Wise to get his submission criteria. Perhaps he’ll be using his contact page which has a convenient form.

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